SOLSC23: This week in 5-4-3-2-1

FIVE things that made me smile
1. Elías busting out in new songs this week like “we don’t talk about Brunononono!!!!!”
2. Birthday gift (coffee!!) from sister in California
3. Finishing two graphic novels
4. Ada Limón’s live reading with the Teacher Squad
5. Kyle’s cooking!!

FOUR words to describe my week
1. Rushed
2. Reportcards (lol)
3. Delightful
4. Joyous!

THREE plans for the weekend
2. Guests at a kids birthday party
3. Read and comment on SOLSC posts!

TWO things I learned this week
1. Our district’s $19 million deficit and subsequent decisions.
2. An inference: next year will be CRAZY.

ONE goal for the week ahead
1. Be present during my week off with whoever I am with in the moment (family, friends, myself).

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