Multifaceted Me: Part V

Every time I brainstorm what it means to be a mujer it seems the identity is difficult to separate from other relationships. A woman as a daughter, as a wife, as a sister, as a girlfriend. But what makes a woman a woman?

Multifaceted Me: Part IV

As a kid, I would gather my cousins as my students and administer tests I spent hours creating before they arrived to “play.” I would take attendance, teach a concept, write on the chalkboard, and even grade their assignments with the all-powerful red pen. I’ve always known I was born to be in the classroom.

Multifaceted Me: Part III

It was my assumption that I’d become a mom the day my baby was placed in my arms. However, I was in love, fiercely protective, and beaming with pride the moment it was confirmed that a little human was being formed inside me. It was unbelievable how deeply I felt for someone I had not met yet.

Multifaceted Me: Part II

Kyle moved to Houston the summer of 2013, and we were engaged six months later. 2014 was a whirlwind year as I began my last semester of college while planning a wedding. I graduated in May, married and moved out of my mom’s house in July, and began my first teaching job in August.