SOLSC23: Bedtime Bonanza

This school year has been particularly hard (that’s not just me, right..?), but I don’t just mean in education. I honestly believed that the newborn phases would be the hardest, and then fall 2022 happened… Elías REFUSED to sleep in his own bed.

When we were experiencing the BONE DEEP EXHAUSTION of back to school and just wanted to fall asleep at our kids’ bedtime (7ish), Elías had different plans. He became terrified of his bed, under his bed, the door, the closet, the white noise machine, the rocking chair…. We tried everything. We consulted the pediatrician, Doctor Google, las abuelas, TikTok…. We looked for answers everywhere.

It was a rough semester of a mix of things – surrendering to letting him sleep in our bed; one of us sleeping on the living room couch with him; taking turns sleeping on his bedroom floor (ouch); tossing him to my mom’s house on the weekends (eye roll). We hit a new milestone this semester though! In January, Elías was finally willing to step foot in his room and get in his bed with mono (monkey) The catch: we weren’t allowed to leave the room.

So, a new routine started in January where Kyle and I switch off sitting on the rocking chair. We read a book with Elías, say the prayer; he initiates getting into his bed with just one more peluche, and one of us stays on the glider until he falls asleep and we can sneak out. He is fine for the rest of the night.

Except tonight, readers. I don’t know why I even tried it, but he climbed into bed, I turned on the white noise and turned off the light. I walked toward the door, hesitantly opened it, and walked out.

There was no “mami?” There was no shrill screaming. There was no “STOP!” There was no ear piercing shriek. There was silence. And a muffled cough.

Night one. Baby steps.

3 thoughts on “SOLSC23: Bedtime Bonanza

  1. Sonia Jaffe Robbins says:

    Oh, those moments when your child actually makes a behavior change — one which leads to him being just a little bit older. The relief! with just a twinge of missing that younger bit. You tell this story so well. I was with you, thinking of how my baby grew, bit by bit. And now she’s 50(!). Elias will be there sooner than you expect.


  2. Glenda Funk says:

    My new grandson who is eight mo the old has had a rough ho of it in the sleeping department. I made several trips across the state to stay up all night w/ Ezra so mom and dad could sleep. Let me tell you, granna bodies are not made for all night baby duty. zit was rough, so I empathize w/ what you endured. I sure hope last night wasn’t a fluke and that you can catch up on sleep in the coming months.


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