SOLSC23: Graph Love on International Women’s Day

In one of my SOLSC posts from 2021, I shared that I’d been noticing how much fun it is to read graphs. In my advanced courses, my students are required to complete weekly writing entries three times a week. This grading period, one entry must be to interact with a graph. I thought I’d offer up one here myself! 🙂

On the top and left side are my “I wonder” and critical questions. On the left are my own reactions and personal connections. Can’t wait to read your own analysis!

(it’s an image; click to enlarge&zoom in)

Source for graph
Selena video

5 thoughts on “SOLSC23: Graph Love on International Women’s Day

  1. amyilene says:

    I love that you are doing this with your students and that you brought it into today’s slice. I will have to look at it more closely when I’m not squinting through my phone!!


  2. Alice says:

    “We’ve gotta be twice as perfect as anybody else.” Yes! Annotating a graph is such a great idea. I’ve taught students how to create book snaps (visual reader’s response/collage), and I’d love to try this with graphs. Your video clip expresses and supports your ideas well. I hear you.


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