SOLSC23: Wonder in a Child’s Eyes

If you don’t know who Suleika Jaouad is, get to know her! I discovered her through, I think, a teacher writer friend during the pandemic and since then have subscribed to her weekly emails and kept up with her journey.

Anyway, in her last installment, the guest contributor poses the following prompt –

Write about a time a child taught you about, or reminded you of, something important in life.

Maggie Doyne

I started jotting down some ideas, and my 3.5 year old turned out to be the spotlight of my brainstorming (surprise, surprise). Elías has a superpower of making me smile so wide it hurts.

For awhile there, we worried about his language development, but he is blossoming before our eyes. It feels he’s teaching me something new or reminding me of a truth nearly every day. Some examples…

“I’m CHORRY, I’m chorry, I’m chorry.”
His ability to apologize without a bruised ego or hurt pride is unparalleled.

“I love you, mommy.”
“I love you, too, baby.”
*three minutes later*
“I love you, mommy.”
He reminds me how often we need to hear the words “I love you.”

“I like to eat eat eat aaaaaples and uhnahnuhs.”
He reminds me that sometimes we just need to belt out a good song…for no reason. At any time.

“Mommy? You not talking because yew mouth hurts?” (post surgery)
“Mm…gimme yew hand. It’s ok.”
He reminds me how important physical presence is; how healing touch can be.

“Look at me, look at me!!”
He reminds me to pay attention. He reminds me that what he values in that very moment is the most important thing in the world. And unless I’m in a dire situation, it really is the most important thing in the world.

The pure wisdom of a three year old stuns me often. I’m eternally grateful for mijo and know I have to treasure this time.

Maggie ends beautifully with –

Children have been my greatest teachers. They are anchored in the present, in wonder. There are so many times I wish I could just bottle up the joy, the innocence, the purity, the sanctity of children. That’s what it is—children feel sacred to me. They’re our world’s most unending promise.

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