4×4 Poem {SOL}

[Cross posted poem as I am participating in VerseLove with Ethical ELA.]

This is a good luck poem to my students as we approach our state test, STAAR EOC, this Thursday! I was brainstorming for this poem when a colleague walked into my classroom. When I shared what I was up to, she seemed eager, so we collaborated and came up with the following! We’re both pretty excited to share with our 10th graders tomorrow 😉 [Note: My colleague will replace Decker with her own name, Turner.]

Good Luck on Test

Use strategies
Sleep well tonight 
You’re a super
STA[A]R, if you will

You have the skills
use strategies
Decker prepped you
Rep me well, kid 

Try not to stress,
but never guess
Use strategies
to pass this test

Hey, do your best
You will be fine
Just take your time
Use strategies

3 thoughts on “4×4 Poem {SOL}

  1. Lainie Levin says:

    “Rep me well, kid” Hands down, my favorite line. THIS sums up not just your voice, but the whole relationship you have with your kiddos. It’s right there in those four words. Loved it! And…GOOD LUCK. ❤


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