SOLSC22: Third period surprise

Someone: *unlocks my classroom door* Hi third period, I’m Ms. Fuentes, and you have an amazing teacher! *hands me a Starbucks banana nut loaf*

*and a surprise cake pop*

A different teacher during a passing period: HEY! Wanna go eat after school? Or the boys baseball game? I know you’ve had one hell of a week. Wanna sulk? Together? Four of us. The four of us can go, and we send Kyle to handle the boys by himself. Should we celebrate or sulk?

Some days you get baby poop and baby vomit all over you and wonder how you’re going to successfully finish the school year being a good teacher and a good mom….and other days, you’re so loved in tangible, seemingly small ways that you know you are definitely going to finish the school year successfully.

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