SOLSC22: Sick baby

Doctor: You ever heard of the virus that takes out entire cruise ships? He has that.

Me: *blank stare*

Doctor: You’re my fifth patient within two hours; it’s goin around, Mom. It’s highly contagious, and…well, if he’s only vomiting and coughing, then just be aware that diarrhea is next.

Me: …so then daycare tomorrow is outta the question?

When our 5:05 am alarm went off this morning, Kyle picked up the baby and was immediately thrown up on….all over.

I’m pretty emotional today about the realities of being a teacher mom.

*Major shout-out to my mami, the saint, who immediately sounded off solutions about keeping big brother away, calling out tomorrow instead of us, doing this that and the other. It is heavy, and my mind cannot help but catastrophize all the consequences my calling out has on others…. but I also am fully aware that my children aren’t the only ones being raised by a village. I am, too.

3 thoughts on “SOLSC22: Sick baby

  1. Donnetta Norris says:

    Britt, I am so sorry Little Man is sick. I am so glad you have a supportive village. I pray healing and wholeness for the baby boy. I hope you are giving yourself grace and knowing that the schoolhouse will adjust. Sick babies need their Mama.


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