TGIF! Week of July 20

Back to school is right around the corner, and while opinions abound, the fact is this: teachers in my district return July 30, students return August 6. Here’s to the last full week of summer 2020!

A reminder of Brené Brown’s framing of weekly gratitude using TGIF:

T – I’m Trusting
G – Grateful for this week
I – Inspiring me
F – having Fun doing

I’m TRUSTING my district is making the best decisions in the interests of teachers and students. When we “return” to school, we will be 100% virtual, and then follow a phase-in protocol when deemed appropriate. Amid the horror stories I come across on social media platforms regarding districts across the nation, I’m confident that my district’s clear driving force behind decision-making is safety. I also trust that I will not become overwhelmed with the intricacies of online learning. 🙂

I’m GRATEFUL for National Cousin’s Day!!! From Houston to Hawaii, Dallas to Chicago, we successfully rallied 10 out of 16 cousins. Even though we shouldn’t need a reason, it was our first attempt to gather altogether in this way in order to celebrate Cousin’s Day! Present or not, I am grateful for ALL of my cousins who are each amazing in their own unique ways. I love you, primos.

7 of 16 cousins
Swapped 3 cousins for a different 3, ha!

I’m INSPIRED by the fierce and courageous and badass Latina who responded to Rep. Yoho’s sexist attack with absolute dignity and class (whether I agree or disagree with her policies, we can’t deny the truth of this speech). I want to add commentary because it feels natural for me to do so, but I genuinely believe there would be no value added to AOC’s phenomenal speech. Give it a listen (video below) or search Google for the transcript. Here are some of my personal favorite lines:

“This [type of harassment] is not new, and that is the problem.”

“Dehumanizing language is not new, and what we are seeing is that incidents like these are happening in a pattern. This is a pattern of an attitude towards women and dehumanization of others.”

“Mr. Yoho mentioned that he has a wife and two daughters. I am two years younger than Mr. Yoho’s youngest daughter. I am someone’s daughter too. My father, thankfully, is not alive to see how Mr. Yoho treated his daughter. My mother got to see Mr. Yoho’s disrespect on the floor of this House towards me on television and I am here because I have to show my parents that I am their daughter and that they did not raise me to accept abuse from men.”

“In using that language in front of the press, he gave permission to use that language against his wife, his daughters, women in his community, and I am here to stand up to say that is not acceptable.”

“..and when a decent man messes up as we all are bound to do, he tries his best and does apologize.”

“I want to thank him [Rep. Yoho] for showing the world that you can be a powerful man and accost women. You can have daughters and accost women without remorse. You can be married and accost women. You can take photos and project an image to the world of being a family man and accost women without remorse and with a sense of impunity. It happens every day in this country.”

As you can see, it was nearly impossible to pluck out only a few lines. Just listen to the whole thing!

I’m having FUN witnessing the bond forming more strongly every day between my mom and Elías. Last week I reflected on how fun it’s been seeing all that he is learning and consuming. This week I recognized just how much he is learning from my mom. Yet again mom helped us with Elías as our schedules begin filling up in preparation for back to school. The joy Elías exhibits the second he sees his Tita is the cutest thing ever. Whether it’s walking into her house or hearing her voice when our front door opens, or even chatting through video conference, his entire being shifts into absolute excitement. I know this is just the beginning of a bond that I will never understand, but one I will always be grateful for.

Full size image
Best friends ❤

This week was a welcome turn toward joy. Happy Friday!

What are you trusting? For whom or what are you grateful? What’s inspiring you? How are you having fun?

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