TGIF! Week of July 13

Truth: I have avoided working on this post because it’s been a heavy end of the week, but I cannot avoid the knowledge that my life abounds with blessings. (It’s technically Saturday since it’s past midnight…)

A reminder of Brené Brown’s framing of weekly gratitude using TGIF:

T – I’m Trusting
G – Grateful for this week
I – Inspiring me
F – having Fun doing

I’m TRUSTING that healing is happening and will continue to occur across various relationships. Whether it is pandemic-induced or not, I have witnessed relational brokenness among people I deeply love and care about. I choose not to be naive and simply wish the pandemic away as if its eradication would ascertain immediate restoration. No; if anything, what was hidden is now most certainly being brought to light. What I am trusting is that the process of engaging in healing is what propels us to push through pain, to truly see one another, and to have compassion.

I’m GRATEFUL for the blessing of spontaneously beautiful words. As mentioned last week, Fridays normally feel like the scraps of the week. While it has carried a slightly different connotation during quarantine, I still woke up with a type of Friday apathy. My cousin sent me a text message to check my email for a gem I’d want to be sure to check out, and in my inbox sat a letter he’d written to me when I graduated from high school.

Excerpt of Ricky’s letter

For as scummy as I was feeling, the timeliness of receiving such life-giving, affirming words that were read over me ten years ago is nothing short of a blessing. I’m thankful Rick was compelled to remind me: “I know you are more than ready for the world, I just hope the world will be ready for you.”

Excerpt of Ricky’s letter

I’m INSPIRED by my mother’s strength and wisdom and compassion. It doesn’t matter what story I tell my mom, I can be sure that she will provide the following each and every time: love; calm demeanor; benefit of the doubt; multiple perspectives. When I call her fuming angry about someone or something, she is just as quick to affirm my feelings as she is to validate the context of the situation or other person. It is easier to stew in my anger, but my mom’s compassion to understand others convicts me to- at the very least- investigate the possibilities behind why. Mami, you are a treasure.

I’m having FUN watching Elías LEARN so much, so quickly. This week he has begun peering his eyes to the side of my head when I ask, “¿oreja?” With wobbling hand, his index finger lands right on my ear. Or when I ask, “¿pancita?,” he victoriously slaps his little belly with both arms! It is such a joy to see him making connections, pausing to process, and becoming excited about his accomplishments.

This week could have been described as tumultuous, grim, imperfect, and foul; however, I felt seen and loved and affirmed in the most unexpected ways. I choose to reflect on the goodness, as well as look forward in hope of what is to come. Happy {belated} Friday!

What are you trusting? For whom or what are you grateful? What’s inspiring you? How are you having fun?

2 thoughts on “TGIF! Week of July 13

  1. Mom says:

    I am honored by your words my sweet Brittany. I trust you will reflect on mine, knowing that they are not mine at all, but His. I, too, am so very grateful for the gift of you, your wisdom, and the insightful food for thought you bring to the table when I’M at odds with life. You inspire me to want to see things from different perspectives and address daily challenges with focused and purposeful intention. I’m having sooooo much fun with my Elías and excited about all the new things he’s learning every day. Thank you for sharing your baby boy with me. You’re AWESOME in all your M roles! We are all blessed to have you in our lives 😇❤️


  2. Jen Laffin says:

    I love this: “the blessing of spontaneous beautiful words.” So true! Isn’t it such a joy when words like this grace our consciousness? That is the wonder of writing. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words with us. (Oh, and your cousin is SO wise!!) ❤️



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