SOLSC23: Standing Out

Here’s what’s standing out to me in…

my personal life:
-I am prone to giving every part of me during the school day that I often find myself giving the leftover scraps to Kyle and the boys. It’s infuriating.
-I’m remaining consistent about the boys not watching TV on the weekdays. Elías asked me to watch TV tonight and became furious when I said no; however, I looked up from my dinner about 4 minutes later to see this:

my work life:
-WE ARE SO TIRED of state test prep that we’ve been required to do since February… 12 more school days until go time.
-I’m behind on making progress toward deadlines which annoys me.
-My students are such stinking troopers with all this mandated test prep.
-Some fun things include Teacher Squad camaraderie and Spirit weeks, like today’s mix of wear class color (sophomores are black) and celebrating beginning of Astros season!

coordinating with teacher bestie in my {borrowed} black Astros gear!

my writing life:
-Aside from blogging in this March challenge, I’m strugglin. I hope to get back to journaling and poetry in April (alongside Suleika Jaouad’s 30-day journaling project and Ethical ELA’s daily poetry writing month).

the world around me:

5 thoughts on “SOLSC23: Standing Out

  1. natashadomina says:

    This line struck me: “I often find myself giving the leftover scraps to Kyle and the boys”–I think the wording of “leftover scraps” is so spot on–this is so common to teachers and so challenging. I really appreciate this format–it’s really interesting to read about what is standing out to you in different areas of your life. I’m going to save this as a mentor text for future slices!

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