SOLSC23: On this day in…

New York Times front pages compared to my camera roll.

2019: Pre-COVID headlines/me at 5 months pregnant with baby #1

2020: First year of COVID headlines/first Canva newsletter for virtual “learning”/beginning of Eli’s journey as an isolated COVID kid

2021: Global unrest/Eli reading…on a box

2022: War in Ukraine/mami & Eli dinner date

2023: School shooting/picture of a colleague’s dog

6 thoughts on “SOLSC23: On this day in…

  1. JenniferM says:

    Wow, this is a fascinating idea! The juxtaposition of the world and your personal life, and the sense of time passing… powerful. I love how we can feel the way sometimes the headlines impacted your life, and sometimes they are far away. I’ll have to try this!!!

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