SOLSC23: Day 1

It’s day one!! Can we do introductions first, picture included?!!

Hi, I’m Brittany, but I prefer Britt. (It’s the least Latina name ever; my grandparents can’t even say it.) I’ve been married to Kyle for 8.5 years, and he’s also a high school teacher. (Yes, we taught at the same school for five years.) We have two beautiful, precious boys. (They’re a handful, who am I kidding… The oldest is 3, the youngest turns 2 in May; yes, they’re 22 months apart.) I’ve been teaching high school English 8.5 years. (Yes, I started teaching a month after we got married.)

Here’s a poem I shared recently over on Ethical ELA to give you some extremely random facts about me (do we have anything in common?!)-

I can’t be the only one who –

takes three days to work through a bag of sour gummy worms
refuses to watch Game of Thrones
is anti iPhone
decided to pierce their ears at 30
is obsessed with NYT Tiny Love Stories
regrets not playing sports as a kid
isn’t the primary household cook
needs a recipe every.single.time

would rather go to school sick than take three hours setting up sub work
feels guilty for calling out
buys a new notebook when there are 99 empty ones at home
consoles toddler tears while sitting on the toilet
enjoys some PBS shows more than her kids
discovered poetry way too late!

Happy month of slicing, friends!!

(This is a story for a different slice!)

15 thoughts on “SOLSC23: Day 1

  1. amyilene says:

    Hi!! I love this introduction and I am in awe that you are slicing with a 2 & 3 year old in your universe! I may have to steal the poetry style, which I love. Thank you for this opening Slice!

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  2. eddiehren says:

    awesome idea for an opener – nice to meet you! i connected most with the part in your poem about guilt for calling out – sub plans can be brutal in so many ways for so many reasons – good luck this year!


  3. Leigh Anne Eck says:

    What a fun way to introduce yourself! I may try this for tomorrow. I want to go check out the Tiny Love Stories! I have not heard of that. We miss seeing you at Teach Write. I look forward to catching up a bit this month!


  4. arjeha says:

    This is a great way to introduce yourself to fellow slicers. I like the poetry format. I can relate to rather going to school not feeling well than trying to come up with plans for a sub who may or may not follow them. Glad you are here for the challenge.

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  5. Erica J says:

    Now I wish I had seen this before sharing mine! I love how you opened with a poem, an introduction, and even a picture. You are so good at this! I look forward to writing with you for this challenge and then again in ethicalela for verselove!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Darin Johnston says:

    Welcome, Britt! 🙂 This is truly a great introduction! I have too many notebooks, need a recipe every time, and would prefer to go to school sick rather than do the planning! 🙂 Thank you for sharing a little bit of yourself with us!

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  7. Lainie Levin says:

    BRITT! So good to see you and Slice with you yet again. Oh….if ONLY I had really, truly discovered sports as a kid. But I was the one who had it in her brain that I couldn’t be smart and sporty at the same time, who figured that she was stocky and fat instead of just plan STRONG. Ah well.

    As for the notebook-buying, I’d like to plead the Fifth, please and thank you =))

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