SOLSC22: Five Random Things

1. I felt like a terrible mom tonight. After over a week of being out of routine (kids going to bed by 7:30/8:00, having time to ourselves, watching a show, whatever), I was desperately craving it. Everybody was sent back to daycare and work respectively, and I settled into the afternoon thinking both boys would be in bed like normal, and I would get to eat dinner while watching the next episode of Bridgerton. I was counting down! And then everybody lost it. And I’m typing this with a toddler in my arm who is singing to himself and refusing to sleep in his bed. I felt resentful. And now I feel guilty for feeling resentful.

2. Our district is piloting the new Texas Incentive program. It’s convoluted, but we have two appraisers this year instead of one. My team’s second appraiser is none other than the building principal…which was a rather intimidating thought (rumors were rampant about how high her expectations are)! My observation was last week and post conference today. I’m thrilled and giddy at the high scores, as well as the conversation we had during our meeting. I’m thankful, and I feel affirmed.

3. State testing is next week. Ew.

4. Kyle and I started a new TV show recently, Yellowstone, and it’s great! Seen it? Thoughts? I love Kevin Costner.

5. Even though we’re test prepping, it was a good teaching day.

4 thoughts on “SOLSC22: Five Random Things

  1. vossh says:

    What a beautiful reflection of 5 things. I love this format! I relate to your resentment. I’m not my best mom self when things don’t follow the glorious plan that I had written in my head. And that brings a load of guilt! Wishing that toddler signs to sleep quickly and that Bridgerton will be waiting with open arms.

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