SOLSC22: Period

I’ve always thought of my period as “nasty” and “gross” and taboo. I came across quotes and passages last year that started challenging my thinking. I don’t have a lot of commentary to write, but today I’m thinking about these mentor texts…. Maybe another day I’ll have something significant to compose.

Since I’m on my Moon, I don’t set down any semaa with my morning prayer. Women are at their most powerful during menstruation, connected to life-giving forces. Auntie gave me teachings: The reason we don’t use traditional medicines and we’re not around ceremonial fires during this time is that we carry our own medicine and fire within. Others may act as if it’s something annoying or unclean, but even the way we refer to menstruation is respectful. Auntie said, None of this “being on the rag” or “the red curse.” Your Moon is a mighty time, Kwe. P161

Firekeeper’s Daughter by Angeline Boulley p. 161

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