SOLSC22: “Anything for Salinas”

My childhood hero was Selena Quintanilla, Queen of Tejano. My cousin, Heaven (aka partner in crime), and I watched the movie too many times to count and sang her songs ad nauseam. (Guess who has been traveling with us?!)

There’s a memorial statue in Corpus Christi, TX, about 3 hours from Houston. Yet I’ve never been. The border crossing back into the United States took way longer than we anticipated, so we made a last minute decision: stay overnight somewhere and make a detour to Corpus Christi!

Me: Y’ALL, we should go see Selena in Corpus! I’ve never been! Childhood dreams come TRUE!!!

Mami: *bugged eyes, raised eyebrows* fine with me!

Kyle: I’m down!

Me: Heaven??

Heaven: anything for salinas! (If you’re ignorant regarding this phrase, see video below; better yet, WATCH THE MOVIE please!)

Everybody: *busts out laughing*

And with that, I got to see Selena with my sandbox best friend cousin and my baby boy.

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