SOL: Happy New Year Notebooking!

First post of 2022! I’m joining my friends in #100daysofnotebooking so I might be double dipping every now and then. 😉

For the first day of notebooking, I completed a “Writing by the Numbers” I learned from writer Li Yun Alvarado. By the end of my list, I felt proud of what I accomplished in 2021 regarding my writing growth and commitment.

*notice the year error I made on day one*

On the second day, I completed a Sunday NYT collage type thing as inspired by Michelle Haseltine. (Major shout-out to hubs for searching everywhere to get his hands on a Sunday paper copy of the New York Times!!)

It turned out more like documenting than collaging, but I had so much fun flipping through the newspaper, reading and cutting and gluing. I hope to make this Sunday edition, at the very least, a monthly habit.

And, finally, I used my regular NYT Morning News email for my next notebook activity. It just so happened they were covering pandemic timeline-ish information using graphs which is what I’ve been wanting to get into more!

I have yet to solidify my One Little Word. I have not drawn, written in, or placed stickers nor dates in my newly minted planner. But… notebooking is going well; we’ve enjoyed the new jungle gym in our backyard (Christmas gift to the boys from Kyle’s mom and fiance); start to the semester with students today was…interesting.

Happy Tuesday!

4 thoughts on “SOL: Happy New Year Notebooking!

  1. arjeha says:

    Congratulations on some great achievements. I really like the NYT collage. As a monthly habit come December you will have a great year in review (which of course could be used as a post).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Terje says:

    I am impressed. A lot accomplished last year and so much writing and crafting done already this year. I hope you will have the most enjoyable creative time #100daysofnotebooking and more.


  3. Lainie Levin says:

    I love this post! I also love that you’re stretching yourself creatively, both with the poetry and with the journaling. And, selfishly, I’m looking to reap the rewards of your efforts as I read your work throughout the year! =))


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