Depending on when you met me: #SOLSC21

Thanks to my Teach Write buddy Leigh Anne Eck for inviting me to the party! You can read her story and mentor text inspiration for “Depending on when you met me” here.

Depending on when you met me, I might have been: writing made up assignments on my chalkboard, a Scrabble champion, driving a golf cart around the neighborhood, sitting in the second pew singing alabanzas al SeΓ±or, a 7th grade girl trying to impress a group of 8th grade girls on a trip in Europe, a resentful and uncomfortable minority at a private high school for one year, serving Starbucks coffee with a loud “GOOOOOOD MORNING” at 5 AM, leaving the city for college, proclaiming the Good News with passion, returning home after one year away at college, questioning faith and the church, hopelessly enamored with a boy 1200 miles away, unsure of pursuing teaching fearful of not living up to my mother’s excellent educator reputation, walking down the aisle to a man I didn’t like, winning rookie teacher of the year, falling in love with myself for the first time, pursuing marriage counseling and learning to grow alongside my forever love, nourishing new friendships, glowing in my first pregnancy, a mom who was supported by fierce mujeres, losing decades-long relationships, a woman whose identity powerfully took shape in the midst of a pandemic, una mija y mujer y maestra y esposa y mami y amiga y hermana.

*Note: This was surprisingly harder to write than I anticipated. I am seeing this as a work in progress – a piece I can come back to and refine. I found myself wanting to take out (did I say too much?), add more (is this a crucial part of my life story?), replace words (is that the best way to say it?).

Join the party – I look forward to learning more about you!

22 thoughts on “Depending on when you met me: #SOLSC21

  1. evarkaplan says:

    Wow. Aren’t we all works in progress. I love your honesty and how your slice moves with time. You really captured a sense of urgency, passion, regret, love…. just about every emotion possible! You are a wonderful writer!

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  2. Erica J says:

    Well the nice thing about ids is that they do eventually expire and have to be renewed — so I like the inprogress aspect of this and the fact that you admitted to that at the end. There are so many things I want to learn more about you on now and, like most of the ids I have read, I was reminded of other identities I have had over time! So many things I had no idea of and would love to read/hear more about.

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    1. britt says:

      I love that – “they do eventually expire and have to be renewed.” I’m already excited to write a renewed one for maybe next March’s SOL πŸ™‚
      It’s true – reading other people’s reminded me of things I left out LOL.

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  3. Alice says:

    Love this, especially “singing alabanzas al SeΓ±or.” Such a great idea (I bookmarked the link) for a topic. I like how you incorporated Spanish at the end. I love mixing English and Spanish.

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    1. britt says:

      I hope you “join the party” – can’t wait to read yours! And thank you so much for the encouragement; it’s so natural to pull from both languages. πŸ™‚


  4. Lainie Levin says:

    What a COOL post! I’ve gone back to the original post you linked to. I can’t wait to try this myself, and I already have a list of folks I want to share this with. You’ve painted such a rich, diverse, complex view of yourself. I can imagine that it WOULD be tricky, because…well, yeah. Sometimes words don’t like to cooperate so much. Thank you so much!

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  5. Jackie Higgins says:

    This is such a strong example of examining your identity. I love how you were honest and vulnerable. When I wrote mine, I felt like it was a draft, too. It’s a great structure that’s worth coming back to over and over– especially we grow and change as humans.

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    1. britt says:

      Yes and yes – “a great structure that’s worth coming back to over and over.” Shortly after pressing “publish,” I thought “oh dang, I should have added ____ and also ____.” Whew. I like the idea of being able to revise it, and it would be cool to do so during next year’s March SOL πŸ™‚


  6. Anna Maria says:

    I read this as chapter titles. We are all still writing our books & the chapter titles are often hidden to us until the chapter is finished. A few chapters we share such as trying to impress older girls, being hopelessly enamored with a boy over 1200 miles away, and learning to love ourselves. I love everything about this Slice. The honesty and the baring of who you truly are.

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    1. britt says:

      Chapter titles!! I didn’t even realize it, but your comment made for a great journal prompt this evening, so thank you!
      Also, I love that you shared what chapters we share – may we one day have the opportunity to talk about these shared chapters and more in real life, friend! πŸ™‚


  7. Leigh Anne Eck says:

    I am so happy you joined the party! You have given us so many new personas, so many that I want to know more about! I love you have intertwined your culture, your heritage, and your language throughout – I find this part so interesting. I agree that these are works in progress and everchaning!

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