Slice of Life: Notebook Nonsense

Kyle makes fun of me for falling in love with a shirt, and then buying the same one in every color. He obviously doesn’t understand what it’s like to find a piece of clothing that fits like a dream.

Okay, fine, I’m a lazy shopper. Fine, I don’t like trying new things. ALRIGHT… I fear investing in something that I won’t like and then wasting it because I certainly won’t make time to return it.

Whatever the reason, I’m apparently the same way with notebooks. I became an Erin Condren planner fan a few years ago, and then early last year I also decided to take the plunge by experimenting with their lined notebooks. It feels silly to confess, but did you know paper weight directly impacts writing habits and success? Oh, is that just me? I thought I didn’t care for paper weight until I met Erin Condren notebooks; I finally realized the source of my continual notebook dissatisfaction. My most used pens (which really write like markers) smoothly glide the pages without bleeding through to the other side.

I declared to Kyle that I would remain an Erin Condren notebook fan forever because it’s the only paper I can trust. Since the notebooks are a bit pricey, I may have dramatized this as a desperate need in order to continue nurturing my writing habit (therefore, my sanity).

When I came close to completing one of my last EC Notebooks, I engaged in days-long research and found the $8 Huhuhero notebook. I figured I might as well try it for that price and such rave reviews. WELL, it’s phenomenal. I was weary at first because the pages are more narrow than I normally prefer, but the paper weight, lines, and overall size won me over. In fact, I “accidentally” bought a pack of five about a month after purchasing THREE EC notebooks – on sale, thank you very much.

Alas, this is not a notebook review post. This year I am attempting to separate my writing habits in different notebooks, so I felt it appropriate to have several at the ready. For now, I have a faith-related notebook, poetry, freewriting, and work/school.

Am I the only one who has a weird relationship with notebooks? Do you have a favorite (or favorites) you highly recommend??

**To set the record straight – I noticed this weekend that Kyle has the same Polo in every color! (eye roll)

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13 thoughts on “Slice of Life: Notebook Nonsense

  1. Jonathan Rivera says:

    Love that endnote, I LOL’d.
    So I have always been fond of nice stationery but I’ve always been intimidated by the huge selection at places like Barnes and Noble so I would hardly buy anything. When I would find a nice notebook I would save it (because I thought I have to save it for something special) I’m embarrassed to admit that I lost some of these special occasion notebooks. For now, I’m rocking some Cambridge notebooks and regular degular school agenda. But now that I’m taking writing a bit more seriously I am bookmarking these notebooks for the next time I’m looking for something. Thanks.


  2. arjeha says:

    And here I thought Kathy was the only one who bought different colors of the same item because they fit so well. As far as notebooks go. I say if one does not feel right or produce smooth lines and curves when written on it is destined to remain blank. Of what use is that. If you find one that works then definitely get several to have on hand.


  3. Lainie Levin says:

    The answer is NO. No, you are not alone. I have found joy and comfort in the having of notebooks. There’s my general teaching notebook. A notebook for each grade level I work with. A writing notebook. A workout journal. A “brain dump” journal.

    Some of them, I write in using Flair pens. Others are strictly pencils-only. Others, whatever I have on hand will do.

    As for favorites, that’s a tricky one. You’re right that it’s worth it to have a notebook that just…FEELS right. I don’t often hold myself to that standard for my notebooks, but….maybe it’s time in my life I started. I’m worth it, right!

    Glad to meet a fellow notebook lover!


  4. theapplesinmyorchard says:

    Ha! Such an enjoyable post to read! I am trying a new “notebook” for bullet journaling. It is a Leuchttrum1917 with a bright yellow cover and a dot grid. I can understand your notebook love. But, I am not understanding my need to try bullett journalling…..I already see it morphing into something else. In any case, I like how you are separating your writing. I think that is at the root of my need to have a journal….maybe, now, several!


    1. onathought says:

      I love my leuchttrum1917s! Dot Grid all the way! I did some bullet journalling — but mostly just ended up using it as a notebook… I have several… and was just today thinking that maybe it’s time for a new one… off to amazon I go!

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  5. shawndastories says:

    I love my notebooks, even as I find myself increasingly doing more and more of my writing and note-taking digitally. For my work as an instructional coach, I’ve fallen love with the ARC customizable notebooks from Staples. The paper-weight is heavy enough, and you can move the pages around, and there are various sizes and accessories like section dividers, pouches, etc.

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  6. Fran Haley says:

    Britt – I have colleagues who are Erin Condren planner fans and I have to say that it’s a serious decision for me each year, because I am going to live out of that thing. It’s got to be useful and aesthetically pleasing.. as for notebooks: I work out of many also. Most of the time they are idea-holders, and some have pages of wild scrawl, usually where I’m hammering out poetry or connecting ideas and rearranging them – not beautiful to look at but it works for me. In addition, I have a new notebook for school/work this year – it’s a spiral with moveable tabs and pages – plus a flat little pencil pouch that hooks in there perfectly. Bliss. I know you understand. 🙂

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  7. Ms Victor Reads says:

    I am with you on the clothes shopping (I found a pair of pants I liked at a store lately and when I asked the owner if they had them in different colors she said she could make them…YES!). I also have favorites with notebooks and paperweight so matters because I love colorful Energel pens (another thing that matters- good pens!). I am currently notebooking in a Leuchtturm1917 and while there is a lot I love about it (table of contents, size, pocket in the back, built-in bookmark, color options) the paper weight does not do it for me. I have two ColorOffice notebooks waiting for me and having used them before I know the paperweight is right (but they are dotted and I prefer lined, so I have ordered some lined ones). I have a notebook fascination too, which sounds much better than a notebook problem:)

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