As a Monday aficionado, I’ve never been much of a “thank God it’s Friday” fan. In fact, Friday has always seemed to me as the day where I attempt to gather the broken pieces of a tired week. Mondays are fresh; a clean slate; new mercies.

When I stumbled upon Brené Brown’s TGIF twist, the idea of looking back on the week with intentional gratitude and optimistic anticipation intrigued me. Brené is no longer sending TGIF emails, and I can’t find the proper way to give her credit – except for linking to this picture that comes up when you Google “Brene Brown TGIF.”

As she wrote in the post, think of it as a weekly gratitude.

T – I’m Trusting
G – Grateful for this week
I – Inspiring me
F – having Fun doing

(While I was doing some research on this practice, I also found a twist on this twist from Sara Thomas where the F stands for “How am I practicing Faith?”)

I’m TRUSTING that no matter how we return to school in August, I will flourish and, therefore, so will my students. As the conversations regarding the return to school become heated, my job description at the end of the day remains the same. Whether it’s virtual, hybrid, or traditional, the very nature of being an effective teacher is to remain flexible, to continue learning, and to do what’s best for kids. Arguing about student learning cannot hinder my commitment to student success (social, emotional, or academic).

I’m GRATEFUL for my girl gang. At the beginning of 2020, five of us committed to working through a Bible study 20 lessons long (ha, irony unintentional). I have known two of the girls for over 10 years, and the other two were merely acquaintances through mutual friends. To say that we have become close is an understatement. While we are not physically meeting up anymore due to the coronavirus, I’m still eternally thankful that God has knit this group together in a way that has often sustained me through these bleak times.

I’m INSPIRED by medical field heroes. I cannot watch a “thank you, essential employees” commercial without tearing up. As cautious as I’m able to be (especially right now as a teacher on summer break), essential workers have had no choice. Particularly, my dear friends Ana and Melissa who work tirelessly every day to safeguard, serve, and supply unparalleled medical care to our nation’s most vulnerable patients. Every day I am in awe of their bravery.

I’m having FUN leaning into a writing community. Aside from building a community of writers with my students, I recently recognized the desperate need to write alongside peer writers – specifically, teacher writers. In June, I took the plunge. There is something sacred about gathering to write that is simply intoxicating. And incredibly gratifying, too!

As someone who doesn’t love the scrappy feeling of Fridays, but does love reflection and gratitude, happy Friday!!!

What are you trusting? For whom or what are you grateful? What’s inspiring you? How are you having fun?

One thought on “TGIF!

  1. Jen Laffin says:

    Britt, Your words aren’t uplifting and inspiring. I, too, am more of a Monday person than a Friday person. Mondays set the tone for my week. I am so glad you joined our Teach Write community so we could help nurture your writing life — just as you nurture ours! It has been a JOY to get to know you and watch you spread your wings!



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