The Comeback

Probably even before I could legibly put pen to paper, I felt words bottled up inside waiting to bust at the seams. Picking a fresh journal to write in and newly, cracked open pens made the stars in my world align. Then, the digital move enticed me to start a blog in college. I started a couple, but never quite committed for very long. From publishing my journey to becoming a teacher to publishing what I gleaned from my faith walk, completing post challenges and blogging per professor requirements, I loved to write and know that my work was out there in cyber space. Was my work ever read? Who knows.

Here I am – with a renewed sense of desire to write. When I think about the stories and habits and words I want to share with you, I think of the roles I wear. I’m a woman, a daughter, a mother, a teacher. I embrace these labels wholeheartedly, and I am empowered by what these roles mean in my life. Additionally, my upbringing as a Latina raised in Houston, TX provides a flavorful twist to how I operate within my roles. As I grow to more fully understand what it means to be me, I seek to honor and celebrate all the pieces of my journey.

I am learning and growing. Laugh with me. Cry with me. Read with me. Marvel with me. Come alongside me.

con amor,


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