SOL: Jumbled Thoughts

I haven’t blogged since the school year started; the transition hit me like a train. In fact, I still don’t have it together enough to compose a “proper” post, but I can piece together jumbled thoughts in the form of six word memoirs?


working teacher mom harder than anticipated.

new curriculum does not honor students.

five doctor appointments in five days.

both boys have hand foot mouth.

screeching four month old all night.

postpartum hair loss. first postpartum period.

when it rains, must it pour?


Baby’s hole in heart officially closed

earned a spot in writing community

fall break is in seven days

my boys are really, really cute

learning to give myself grace – slowly

renewed vision for my writing life

it is okay to trust colleagues

7 thoughts on “SOL: Jumbled Thoughts

  1. litcoachconnection says:

    Brit, the fact that you showed up here at all is a celebration! The line that resonated with me is “learning to give myself grace-slowly”. What wise words for all teacher-mothers! Thinking of you!


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