Soccer Superstars: #SOLSC21

Kyle and I have been working at the same high school for four years now, and we’ve followed the soccer boys pretty closely.

We’ve driven to countless stadiums, even driving two hours away to cheer them on at state. The Deckers’ version of an excellent date night? Dinner at Chipotle and screaming our heads off at a high school soccer game.

The boys won state three years ago, lost at state two years ago, and then covid cut the season short last year. Aside from covid, we were new parents fall of 2019, so we only made it to one game last season.

We are back on campus – both virtually and hybrid – and students are playing sports, but our district doesn’t allow anyone but parents to attend games. Now that we’ve made it to the playoffs, our district can’t limit attendance at the games. It was so sweet to attend last Friday and watch the boys WIN.

When they announced the boys would continue, I took a chance and asked my mom super last minute if she could come over tonight to play with Elías for a little while and put him to bed. Y’all. One, my mom is amazing. Two, Lady Decker, mom to a toddler and seven months pregnant, and hubs drove an hour away on a school night.

It was worth it! The boys won!! It’s almost 10 pm, and I’m not in bed. Or falling asleep on the couch. Here’s to hoping the boys make it to state!!

**Special shout-out to my son’s most amazing grandmother EVER.

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